About Us

What is TISA

TISA, the abbreviation of Tokyo Tech International Student Association, is a non-political and non-sectarian organisation that functions as the students union for international students at Tokyo Tech.



  1. To support international students of Tokyo Tech

  2. To convey a single voice of international students to the university management

  3. To enlarge the human resource network among Tokyo Tech students around the globe

  4. To promote cross cultural understanding among Tokyo Tech students

  5. To create and organize useful academic, educational, social, cultural and recreational activities in the best interest of the Association and its members.


Our Core Activites

Weekly TITech Student Forum

This is a unique opportunity for students and staff to communicate openly on issues in the University. Students can propose topics to be discussed during each Forum session, and representatives from Tokyo Tech's administration are invited to have dialog with the students and address the questions.


Orientation and Welcome Party

It is important to connect with new students and give them a warm welcome to the Tokyo Tech/TISA community. TISA members participate in the orientation of new international students every year and help to organise the International Welcome Parties in Spring and Fall.

Let's Go Global (LGG): Natives

This gives international students a way to re-connect with their own cultures and showcase cultures from across the world. LGG is a weekly event where students share their cultures and customs with other students, staff, and visitors. Presentations focus on life experiences of natives from the different countries/cultures.


Japanese Exchange (JEx) Club Connections

TISA collaborates with other clubs/circles to encourage positive integration between international and Japanese students. These joint activities allow International students to experience other student activities on campus, and these activities allow Japanese students to interact with foreign students in English.


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Click here to read more about the organisation's structure: TISA_Organisation_Structure_201804.pdf

International Student Council Members

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