Declaration of 2016-2017 TISA Executive Election Results

We hereby announce the final results of the TISA Executive Elections 2016-2017. We would like to thank the candidates and all the members of TISA for contributing to the elections process.
The election was conducted in accordance with the TISA Election and Handover Policy that was approved at the 2015 Annual General Meeting and amended in the 2016 Annual General Meeting. Based on our assessment of the processes and results, we declare a free and fair election.
The newly elected TISA Executive members are:
Position Name Percentage
President Assem Ayaganova 66%
Vice President Ihsan Can 57%
Vice President Karthik Rampalli 43%
General Secretary Dyah Yunisatari 66%
Assistant General Secretary Md Shakhawat Hossain 33%

As mentioned in TISA Election Policy, in order for elected officers to assume their posts, the compulsory leadership and management training must be completed. Persons who fail to meet the requirement will automatically forfeit their positions and the post will be reopen for nominations and voting.

Please let us know if you agree with these result at your earliest immediately.

Best Regards,

TISA Secretariat
TISA Election Team