Frequently Asked Questions

What is TISA?

TISA is the TokyoTech International Students Association. Our aim is to support international students in TokyoTech and promote cross cultural integration within the TokyoTech community.

Why should I join TISA?

For international students, TISA provides support for life in TokyoTech and Japan and representation before the university.
For Japanese students, TISA promotes cross cultural activities between Japan and other countries.
TISA aims to provide an environment for all students to exchange, create friendships, and develop themselves as well as TokyoTech.

Can I be a member of TISA?

All International and Japanese students of Tokyo Tech can be members of TISA. To become a member, it is necessary to create an account on this website.

I belong to another club/circle. Can I still be a TISA member?

Yes, of course. TISA does not restrict you from participating in other activities.

Can I register for TISA membership anytime? Can I quit anytime?

Registrations are accepted regularly throughout the year. Your membership is valid for 12 months, and you can quit at anytime during these 12 months

Do I have to pay any fee for TISA membership?

TISA membership requires a fee of 1500 yen a year. The funds are used to maintain TISA services and promote activities for members. You can participate in most of TISA activities even without paying this fee.

How can I get information from TISA?

All information regarding TISA and its activities can be found online, through our website and social media channels (such as Facebook and Twitter). Additionally, members also receive regular newsletters and announcements via email.

What activities does TISA organise?

In TISA there are two types of activities: activities organized by TISA and activities facilitated by TISA. For activities organized by TISA, there are traditional events such as the Welcome Party, the Sports Festival, and the Bento Parties. Besides these, we are also continuously working on new ideas of activities to promote for our members. Regarding activities facilitated by TISA, these are activities that are organized by members and supported by TISA.

If I become a member, do I have to join all the events?

No, it is not mandatory. Members can participate in any event according to their desire and availability.

I can't speak English fluently. Can I become a member and join events?

Yes! English proficiency is not required to join TISA. TISA aims to create an environment where everyone can participate and contribute. You will likely find other people in TISA who speak your native language.

How do I manage emails from TISA?

To control which emails you get from TISA, log in to the website then do one of the following this:

FOR GENERAL EMAILS FROM TISA - Edit your account setting, specifically your "Mailing Profile" to unsubscribe from the mailing list.
FOR COMMITTEE EMAILS - Subscribe to the committee to recieve thier email, or unsubscribe from the committee to not recieve their emails.
FOR DELETING YOUR ACCOUNT - Edit your account setting, scroll to the bottom of the page, then select "Cancel account".