International Student Association

Executive Summary Report of Student Association

             Associations summary
               Indonesian association
With an outstanding number of over 150 students, the Indonesian student Association turns out to be one of
the most active associations which engages its students through periodic events, also in collaboration with TISA.
They have a beautiful AngKlung performance waiting for us to get a glimpse of it.
President: Anggi
Line ID: ppitokodai
                Thai Student Association
The Thai Students Association boasts over 120 students, who are currently in Tokyo tech.
This Association is one of the largest stakeholders of TISA. 
The association plays an active role in engaging its members, both formally and informally,
by organizing events like a ski trip, Hanami, Senpai meet up sessions etc.
President: Nicha
Contact: Bank Nattanon Tharachai on Facebook
              Vietnamese Association
 The Vietnamese Students Association currently has 45 active members who, along with TISA,
h¥ave been organizing splendid events to engage each other, apart from research,
by organizing barbecue parties, Soccer championships, footsal events, lunar new year and graduation parties.
President: Hoang Van Khanh
              Indian association (ISAT)
 The Indian Students Association is a fairly nascent one with 16 members.
The Indian students Association aims on bringing together the Indian students at Tokyo tech.
for further information on the events, please contact the president.
Message from the president: “Stay connected, stay happy”
President: Shreya Thusoo

                Mongolian students Association

The Mongolian students Association has over 18 members,
where everyone is a leader and are responsible for organizing the events from time to time.
Contact: Ш. Золбаяр (Zol)
Contact: Banzai (バンザラグチ 万歳)