Meet The Candidates (TISA Elections 2017)

Here are the candidates for TISA Elections 2017. Please vote (see link below)!

  1. Name: Hossain Md Shakhawat

    • Country: Bangladesh
    • Major: Infromation and communications Engineering
    • Grade: M2
    • Hobbies: sports (cricket, table tennis, etc.) and photography
    • Achievements: Trying to be a better human
    • About Myself: "I am 29 and trying to educate myself for the last 10618 days. i am 5 ft. 8 inches but not growing quickly in recent times. i love sports of any type. Sports taught me how to work as a part of a team or as an individual, or even lead the team when demanded. I am an engineer by name but not sure how my engine performs actually. I am not a genious but generous and I can trace every race."
    • Candidacy: General Secretary (and Assistant General Secretary)
  2. Name: Assem Ayaganova

    • Country: Kazakhstan
    • Major: Chemical Engineering
    • Grade: M2
    • Hobbies: reading, cooking
    • Achievements: TISA Vice-President
    • About Myself: "My motto is Carpe Diem. I believe that hard work and motivation will change our world and will improve TISA to make it more student oriented and to help every international student in Tokyo Tech. For me TISA is a family in Tokyo Tech and by working together we can make it even better."
    • Candidacy: President, Vice President
  3. Name: Ahmet Ihsan Canbolat


    • Country: Turkey
    • Major: IT
    • Grade: D3
    • About Myself: "Fully equipped with problem solving skills and enthusiastic┬áto use them in service of our next president."
    • Candidacy: Vice President
  4. Name: Dyah Yunisatari

    • Country: Indonesia
    • Candidacy: General Secretary (and Assistant General Secretary)
  5. Name: Sara Ayman

    • Country: Egypt
    • Candidacy: President
  6. Name: Gayatri Chawda

    • Country: India
    • Candidacy: Vice President
  7. Name: Karthik Rampali

    • Country: India
    • Candidacy: General Secretary (and Assistant General Secretary)

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