Registration Procedure

Create an account on this website ( The form that is used to create your account IS the official TISA registration form


Membership Types

Regular Membership

Eligibility: International students

Upon entering the University, all international students are considered unregistered-regular members of TISA. In order to receive TISA benefits, you must complete the registration procedure first.

Special Membership

Eligibility: Japanese Tokyo Tech students and non-Tokyo Tech students

The standard TISA registration procedure should be completed for all special members. Non-Tokyo Tech students can contact the Membership Committee or the General Secretary if special arrangements must be made to deliver your membership benefits.

Honorary Membership

Eligibility: Any person who has made significant contributions to TISA (invitation only)



  • Access to all TISA publications and information
  • Free/discounted access to all of TISA’s events and services
  • and more!