Sunday, February 24, 2019 - 12:30
Ookayama Gym

Event Description

TISA JEx holds a volleyball event, collaborating with Tokyo Tech Volleyball circle: MARCH. Participants will be divided into groups based on volleyball levels. Let’s play volleyball together with both Japanese and international students and enjoy!

Even if you are volleyball beginners, MARCH members will teach us how to play volleyball!

Date: 24 February 2019, Sunday

Place: Tokyo Tech gym, Ookayama

Gathering: at the gym at 12:30

Expenses: Participation fee (100 yen)

What to bring: Clothes, shoes for the gym

Event schedule:

12:30   Gathering at the gym in Ookayama

13:00   Opening ceremony

Introduction of TISA and JEx

Introduction of MARCH

Announcement of the grouping

Explain rules of volleyball

13:30   Volleyball playing

Free talk with group members




16:30   Closing ceremony

    Cleaning the gym

17:30   opt-in dinner

Please register until 2/22 10am


Any questions? Write to us at contact@mytisa.net

TISA JEx is Japanese Exchange Committee of Tokyo Tech International

Students Association.

The aim of JEx is to make Japanese culture more accessible to

international students and to provide Japanese students an avenue to

engage with international students through Japanese activities.