Weekly TITech Student Forum (WTSF) Review - 2016/Q2

On June 1, 2016, TISA officially launched one of it's biggest projects, the Weekly TITech Student Forum (WTSF). This project serves as a platform for students to be able to directly address their concerns to university officials and for the university to have direct communication with students, to better understand the issues that are affecting students on a daily basis. The topic of discussion for each week is chosen from questions posted by the students themselves on our website. (If you would like to post questions of your own you can do so by clicking here.)

So what has been happening since the launch of this project? If you would like to see the happenings of each forum and what has been happening since then, you can see below.

Date Topic Follow-up
July 20, 2016 Business Trips and Overseas Travel https://mytisa.net/content/wtsf-follow-business-trips-and-overseas-travel
July 13, 2016 Academic Well-being and Harassment https://mytisa.net/content/wtsf-follow-academic-well-being-and-harassment
July 6, 2016 Dormitories and Housing https://mytisa.net/content/wtsf-follow-dormitories-and-housing
June.22.2016 Internships https://mytisa.net/content/wtsf-follow-internship
June.15.2016 Part-time Job For International Students https://mytisa.net/content/wtsf-follow-part-time-job-international-students
June.1.2016 Scholarship For International Students https://mytisa.net/content/wtsf-follow-scholarship-international-students