Collaboration between TISA and another group

Welcome week

In order to welcome news Tokyo tech international Student, we will organize meeting
between students from same countries or areas in the week before the Welcome party.

The 11th annual Ota universal Ekiden

The 11th annual Ota universal Ekiden (road relay) / 第11回おおたユニバーサル駅伝大会
Ekiden is a relay race where team players wear a team sash and hand it to the next player.

We make one team of 10 people:

  • 5 runners (a child, an adult, a senior, a person with special needs and an international guest)
  • 5 students

Each participant walks, runs or uses a mobility device for 1 km.

After the competition, please enjoy lunch and stay for the attractions with all of the teams:

International Welcome Week - Spring 2018

Small welcome events will be held for every international student in Tokyo Tech!
Each event will be coordinated by students from that country/region and only students, staff, and alumni from that country/region can attend.
Come and welcome new students from your countries/regions in your own way. 
Some events will be cooking parties, game nights, or cultural events specific to the group.

Facebook Event Page:

Let's Play Volleyball

The TISA Japanese Exchange Committee (JEX) presents another chapter of their regular ongoing series of events. This edition is called "Let's Play Volleyball". This is a chance for international and Japanese students to learn and play volleyball with volleyball circles in Tokyo Tech. For international students it is a chance to experience Japanese club activity and interact with circle members. For newbies to volleyball it is also an opportunity to learn.